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What is the role of Your Good HR Guardian and what services are offered?

Your Good HR Guardian offers both HR advice and employment coaching, as well as written communication and representation on your behalf.

Areas of expertise 

  • Management issues

  • Flexible working and maternity rights

  • Stress, anxiety or other mental health issues in the workplace

  • Sickness absence

  • Performance management

  • Redundancies and terminations

  • Disciplinaries and grievances

  • Harassment and bullying

  • Compensation and career progression

Business Conference
Business Meeting

Why use Your Good HR Guardian?

My professional experience has equipped me with sound knowledge of employment law, and also a firm understanding of how HR teams and employers think. Advantageously having ‘been on the other side of the fence’ as the employer, as well as having gone through my own employment challenges, I have an acute instinct of how to approach getting you the best outcome.

What to expect from a first appointment?

During the appointment booking process, you will fill out a form to detail a few lines about what you want from the allotted time and some details about your employment.

Appointments are either by telephone and last either 30 mins or 1 hour, or appointment time can be used for me to do written work on your behalf (1 hour or 2 hour appointments). Should you want a face to face appointment, please get in touch with me by email.

If you have booked a call, I may need to get further information from you at the beginning the call. We will then talk through the issues for the duration of the appointment.

It may be that we need further time together, or a booking for me to undertake written work on your behalf.

What is my job as an HR Professional?

It is important to note that whilst I have extensive experience in employment law and dealing with employment legal matters, I am not an employment lawyer. As an HR professional, my job is to understand the internal context, seek and understand the employment law relevant to the situation, and then find the solutions and options available.

Each situation is unique and should be treated as such. Occasionally, I will need to do further investigation or I may advise that you seek pure employment legal advice. If that is the case, I will let you know, I will offer you whatever help I can, and you may be due a partial refund.

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